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We are approaching the time of ‘All Souls’. Every year, the MSA organises a well-dressing event at which people of all faiths and beliefs come to remember and cherish departed loved ones in their own personal way.  This year they are dressing Lower Wyche Spout with ‘Remembrance Trees’, on which you can tie a paper leaf or star with your own written dedication.

This year, it’s also an opportunity to express their experiences of and feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected so many lives in different ways, for example:

o  Thanks to those tackling it.

o  Sadness for those blighted by it.

o  Feelings for how our communication and society has changed because of it.

The Dressing goes up on Sunday 25th October and comes down on Sunday 8th November.

The Guardians are performing a Wellhead Dance on Saturday 31st October at 4pm.

We have a Wellhead Blessing by Rev Dave Bruce on Monday 2nd November at 11.00.

You’ll find Lower Wyche Spout at the top of Malvern (aka Wells) Common, just above and visible from the 40 mph section of the A449 Wells Road. It is below the Wyche Cutting, on Old Wyche Road, just North of the Wyche School. 52.095979, -2.333379 = Google Map =

As Covid is an airborne contagion, they have new rules, so please:

o  Only one household in the well-head area at a time.

o  Maintain social distance.

o  Disinfect your hands before and after remembrance-writing.

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