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Each year on the first Sunday of May, people across the world wake up early to hear the magical sound of birdsong.  This year’s event takes place on the 3rd May.

Malvern Hills Trust, who own and care for the Malvern Hills and Commons, celebrate Dawn Chorus Day each year by leading a guided bird walk on the Malvern Hills. However, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, this year’s event has been cancelled so the Trust are encouraging people to join in at home.

The dawn chorus begins about an hour before sunrise, at around 4:30am when the birds start their song, and they often continue singing until around 7am.

The Trust are asking people around the Malvern Hills to step outside into their garden, onto their balcony, or simply open their windows and listen to the natural world this Sunday.

For those wishing to find out more about their local birds, RSPB have a huge range of information with recordings of commons birds to help you identify your feathered neighbours

International Dawn Chorus Day began in 1984 when a wildlife enthusiast Chris Baines invited people over to hear the dawn chorus for his birthday at Moseley Bog, Birmingham.  The day is now celebrated across the world including Antarctica and the Americas.

For more information about Dawn Chorus Day from the RSPB, please click here.
For more information about Mslvern Hills Trust, please click here.


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