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Amy Douglas Storyteller
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Amy is a word-hoarder, a word-storer, a word-catcher and a word explorer.  She plays with words, riddles and puzzles.

She likes hide and seek, jumping in puddles, getting muddy, treasure hunts and has a favourite tree where she likes to sit with a book and an apple.

She lives in Shropshire, which is wild, magical and has stories hidden everywhere!

This is the blurb  from the back  of her book ‘Shropshire Folk Tales for Children’.

This is a children’s book.  But it is for real children.  It is a book of people-eating giants, buried treasure, sleeping Kings and a monster fish. There’s fire, blood, milk, wee and missing body parts.  It’s a book that’s got the bits adults don’t like left in. These are stories of Shropshire.  They are old stories, wild stories, like the land itself.  If you like giants having their heads lopped off, girls who won’t do what they’re told, knights fighting with lances, one-armed ghosts and grumpy witches then this is the book for you.

12:45pm – 1:30pm
2:00pm – 2:45pm
3:15pm – 4pm

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Great Malvern Festival of Stories for Children

Sunday 23 October


Festival Yurt – The Priory Grounds



Festival Yurt – The Priory Grounds

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