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Double Double Toil and Trouble : A Halloween Murder Mystery Evening

Event Description

It is 1899. George Sweet, the 5th Earl of Coddingham, has lead a wicked and dissolute life. His past is finally catching up with him and, eager to keep out of reach of the law, he is planning to flee abroad. Before he goes, he is holding one final party on Halloween Night… “Double Double Toil and Trouble”.

As well as having a murder to investigate, characters will also have their own, secret objectives. Why does the church choir only accept female members? Where is the Earl hiding all his money? Can anyone persuade Captain Ratliffe to do the decent thing? At The Last Gasp, anything can happen – and generally does!


The 5th Earl of Coddingham, George Sweet, is pleased to invite you to his forthcoming “last gasp” party, to be held at: Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall, at 18.30 on Sunday 31st October – Halloween night.

The Earl wishes it to be known that, immediately following the party, he intends to leave this wretched, stinking pit of a country for good and to move somewhere his talents will be properly appreciated. All those attending are, he promises, sure to receive something of great advantage to them.


* Important note:

As far as your character is concerned, the year George’s “last gasp” takes place in 1899. Lord Sweet has asked that you wear the appropriate dress for Halloween or if you wish to dress in a way appropriate for your character and the period, please do so! Also, if the gender of your character isn’t clear, you can decide for yourself which gender you want them to be. Upon Booking please suggest whether you would like a specific gender or a character without a gender.

There will be a buffet on hand.

Note : This is a ticketed event – anyone without a ticket will not be allowed entry.

Sunday 31 October