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Halloween Human Cluedo Supper Club

Event Description

VegLife is hosting a ‘foodie’ and a ‘human Cluedo’ event on Halloween night at the Manor Sports Club. Each person is given a “weapon” which is anything from an everyday item such as a mobile phone to a more peculiar item such as a pumpkin! They are also given a “victim” who can be anyone at the event and a “location” which can be anywhere in the event. They must then tactfully hand their weapon to their victim or have it passed to them at some point during the evening to complete their “murder”! They will then be given a new murder by the host. The person with the most “murders” at the end of night will win a prize.


Sunday 31 October


Manor Park Sports Club


Manor Park Sports Club

Albert Rd N, Malvern

WR14 2TL

01684 574010

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