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Have you ever thought you were a total idiot? Good news! You probably are.

In this workshop we’ll expand our amazing perceptivity by playing together in total silence. (Mostly total silence. Risk of laughter)

There’s a whole world of beautiful, genuine connection to be made if we accept our own magnificence, admit the moment and let ourselves be seen exactly as we are. Let’s see what we say when we stop trying to say things. Probably something amazing.

This workshop is highly participative! You will be performer and active audience member. Please wear comfortable clothes and soft shoes.
Suitable for anyone who interacts with humans.

4pm – 6pm
1 ½ hours with 30 minute debrief
Maximum 12 participants
Elgar Room in Elmslie House

Friday 23 September


Elmslie House



Elmslie House

WR14 3AG

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