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A screening of Nosferatu with live accompaniment by The Harcourt Players.

Let yourself be led into an amazing story with the use of sound, beautiful melodies and dark atmospheres enhance this classic film from the world of 1922 cinema.

The Harcourt players: Simon Othen and Luke Wurmli, write and perform their own brand new musical scores for classic silent movies from the early 1900’s. With the audience focused on the films, The Harcourt Players, positioned to the side of the screen, weave their way through these fascinating films. Whether hilarious classic silent comedies or 2020’s newest offering, the cult classic Nosferatu, the duo highlight the ups and downs, chases and falling in love scenes, using an array of instruments such as guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonicas, a variety of percussion and sampler.

Friday 1 October


The Fold



The Fold




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