Worcestershire Wildlife Trust: Bringing beavers back

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An online talk presented by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust:

Bringing Beavers back to Britain

Join Devon Wildlife Trust’s Mark Elliott to discover more about beavers and the River Otter Beaver Trial. The first licenced wild release in England of a beaver was in 2015. Mark Elliott has led this work by Devon Wildlife Trust. In this talk he will tell the story of the River Otter Beaver Trial and discuss the benefits and challenges associated with beavers, drawing on some of the research undertaken in the enclosure in west Devon. He will also bring us up to date with the latest Government decisions about their more widespread reintroduction across the Country.

The talk will last for approximately an hour with plenty of time for Q&As.

Ticket sales for this event will close 20 minutes before the event begins (6.40pm).

Thursday 20 January