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Original and Unusual: A New Mid-Century Selection

Elmslie House WR14 3AG

A new exhibition at Elmslie House showcasing a range of paintings and original prints by artists who were active in the 1950s and '60s, including John Piper, Katharine Church, Rowland…


T01: Worcestershire Way in Three Days

The 31-mile Worcestershire Way is a diverse and attractive route covering a wide variety of landscapes and terrains. Riverside walking, hill climbs and diverse woodlands all feature. Even over 3…


T02: By the Cotswold Line

Rail Trails Worcestershire is a new initiative that will eventually provide a walking route connecting all stations in Worcestershire. The idea is that the public either walk a stretch of…


A Play In A Day Workshop with The Fabularium

Malvern Theatres WR14 3HB

A theatre workshop 10:30am – 4:30pm 14years+ £30 Join The Fabularium as they embark on a journey in Malvern to achieve the unthinkable: Make a Play in a Day! Now is your…


Lunchtime Concert: Hark! Now I Hear Them

Great Malvern Priory WR14 2AY

'Hark! Now I Hear Them' with Florence Price with Emilia Morton and Elizabeth Pallett Songs by John Dowland and Henry Purcell Sung by Great Malvern Priory Head Chorister, Florence Price,…


MWF35: Malvern’s Water Heritage

Visit and learn about the history and geology of 12 historic water features, including the highest spring on the Malvern Hills. Starting on Belle Vue Terrace, the route takes us…


MWF36: Geology Around Gardiners Quarry

We will look at the Precambrian Malverns Complex in Gardiner’s Quarry. There was a fall of some large blocks of rock about 3 years ago and these have exposed some…