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Malvern Festival of Ideas: Crisis

Malvern Festival of Ideas is a multidisciplinary and inclusive weekend of events on what matters. The theme for the 2019 Weekend is Crisis and themed sessions explore this topic from different perspectives including Health, Social and Political perspectives. The speakers at the 2019 Malvern Festival of Ideas will address the topic of Crisis from their own standpoints, and the accompanying discussions and activities will allow participants to follow up their own interests within this overall theme.

The Art and Science Programme is an essential part of the Weekend. This year, it includes Explorer Dome shows, The Curiosity Project and special mathematics sessions.

There is no charge for entry to most events at Malvern Festival of Ideas, though there are considerable expenses. As in previous years, we will ask at each event for your donations towards those costs.

The Festival takes place in various venues around Malvern


01 Mar 2019 - 03 Mar 2019

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