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Midwives of Freedom

The Women of the Exodus: a Jewish Muslim Storytelling

Who had the courage to resist the murderous aims of a ruthless dictator? The midwives who saved the baby that was to become the future liberator of his people? A mother, a sister and a queen. Who brought back laughter, love and hope to the dark lives of the slaves? The women.
A story of sisterhood, resistance and love, drawn from the Bible, the Quran and Jewish and Muslim commentary and legend.
Midwives of Freedom by Muslim storyteller Jumana Moon and Jewish storyteller, Adele Moss

Adele and Jumana are storytellers with a great love of stories drawn from their own faiths, Judaism and Islam respectively. They tell stories from a combination of sources – sacred texts, folk tales, wonder tales and traditional wisdom.

Starting at 3pm, the story telling will be followed by a discussion on the stories and their sources.

Tickets, to include drink and light refreshments, are £10 for Adults and £5 for Children (only suitable for children 12+). Available from Malvern TIC


10 Feb 2019

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Elmslie House
WR14 3AG
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