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The Door

Damn Cheek presents The Door
A play by Tony Earnshaw, directed by Rob Swinton

Two men, and a broken door that neither will close. As the door bangs, we hear accusation and excuse, and the story of a dead hero.

Who’s responsible?

Under Rob Swinton’s direction, The Door is a taut, tense exploration of the relationship between these men as well as our justifications for action and inaction, and our refusal to accept responsibility for the consequence of unintended outcomes.

This is a pungent comment on recent wars and our own passivity in the face of failure. It’s also a fascinating journey of two men from widely divergent backgrounds searching for common understanding in the face of the ghost that haunts them.

Who’s going to stop that door from banging?

Darren Cheek plays the cocky NCO who has seen too much, with his focus on looking after number one, while Jonny Vaughton embodies the tortured Captain, facing the conflicting call of duty and conscience.

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16 Nov 2019


07:15 PM


£15.50 (online) / £17 (on the door)

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Lyttelton Rooms
6 Church Street, Malvern WR14 2AY
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