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Malvern Museum

Opening times 2023
Malvern Museum will be open daily from 1 April 2023 – 28 October 2023. The museum will be open from 10.30am to 5pm, with last entry at 4.30pm.

Malvern Museum attractions
Housed in the medieval monastic gatehouse, the museum is small but filled with answers to all you might want to ask about Malvern’s history. Starting from the creation of the hills themselves and moving through rocks and fossils, visitors can then get a glimpse into prehistoric life on the hill forts. Medieval Malvern, with its beautiful priory church and black monks, can be contemplated alongside the harsh Forest laws before moving into the healthier times of Malvern’s Water Cure. Wealthy Victorian visitors and hard-working local families ultimately created the town as it is today. Trips back into times of real conflict with two world wars go hand in hand with encounters with Edward Elgar and Bernard Shaw, while a touchscreen provides opportunities to see the engineering potential of England’s first petrol driven car and the development of the iconic Morgan motor car. Radar scientists arrived in Malvern 80 years ago and their work can also be explored. Families will encounter lifelike mannequins and be challenged by different interactives.

The 2023 season features a new display on one of Malvern’s famous Water Cure doctors, Dr James Gully. His family had links with slave plantations in Jamaica and these are explored to see how much they contributed to his career. Elsewhere, visitors can enjoy a display of Victorian souvenir ware and 20th century porcelain manufacturers that operated in Malvern. This year the history of the museum itself is even outlined, to include an infamous ice cream van.

Admission prices
Daily admission: £2 per adult, 50p per child


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