Council to Transform Verges and Open Spaces with New Wildflower Project

Green Tourism

Wildflower field

Malvern Hills District Council will be leaving a selection of verges and open spaces to grow in a new trial.

The trial project which started this year, in consultation with the AONB and other organisations, aims to encourage wildflowers and improve biodiversity within the Malvern Hills District.

The council will be assessing what species are present within the selected areas and how they can improve the biodiversity.  

The selected verges and open spaces, which are maintained by the council will be cut once between July and September and the cuttings removed. The benefit of this is that it allows the plants to flower and seed and removing the cuttings will reduce the nutrients going into the soil allowing wildflower species to grow better.

Less vigorous species such as Oxeye Daisy, birds foot trefoil, orchids, and cowslip will all have a chance against the grasses and cow parsley.

The verges will still be cut back regularly at road junctions and a one metre strip along the roadside to make sure that sight lines are clear for road users.

Cllr Beverley Nielsen, Portfolio Holder for Environment at Malvern Hills District Council, said: “Verges rich in native wildflowers support more wildlife, are more resilient to environmental change, and provide better ecosystems for pollinators. This project is so important, not just for biodiversity, but to help reduce our impact on climate change.”

Photographed: Emma Burton, Parks and Greenspaces Officer from Malvern Hills District Council, and Paul Esrich AONB Partnership Manager.