Veg Life kitchen pop-up event at Malvern Lounge this Easter weekend

Food & Drink

Veg Life Scotch Egg with Malvern Hills in background

Veg Life are holding a kitchen pop-up event at Malvern Lounge over Easter weekend. On Friday 15 April, 5pm – 9pm, ‘junk food’ takeaways are available to eat in and enjoy with a beer or cocktail or takeaway with you. Not Dogs, Burgers, Gyros, Wraps and Loaded Fries will be available to order on the night as two independent local businesses collaborate to bring you tasty food and enjoyable evenings.

On Sunday 17 April from 7pm onwards is a seven-course Asian taster menu with game show entertainment, ‘Play Your Cards Right’. A menu inspired from travels around South East Asia with delights such as Spring Rolls, Sushi and Asian Slaw Sliders. Bookings are essential as tickets are limited. £25 per ticket. All tasty, plant-based and home-cooked meals. Contact [email protected] or 07369 240471 for bookings and more details. Malvern Lounge is located on Abbey Road, Malvern WR14 3ES.

Veg Life is a Malvern-based business that was a pandemic venture bringing the local community home-cooked meals with a difference. Appealing to those with a plant-based diet and meat-eaters alike, showcasing tasty meals are down to flavour, taste and texture. Working with local venues since coming out of lockdown, they have been able to collaborate to provide alternative events through pop-ups. After being made redundant from an expedition leader role in the UAE that took Rhian to Africa, South East Asia and South America taking part in building work, wildlife conservation and other projects that had a long-lasting sustainable impact, she was inspired to continue her sustainability work through her passion for food. The travel taught her many lessons but the one she took away from it the most was the different cuisines, foods and flavours she experienced along the way and how much joy food can bring. Hoping to be able to share this passion with her community in Malvern she set about bringing this business to life. Experimenting over the past year has allowed her to take some of her creations to retail sales as well as continuing various events across the two counties.

There once was an adventurer called Rhian, who though lockdown a new journey began, she created a mystery, that would go down in history…a Scotch Egg that was completely vegan!