Red Herring (12A)

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After receiving a terminal diagnosis aged 24, young filmmaker, Kit Vincent, turns to his camera to document those closest to him.  Kit’s divorced parents are naturally having a hard time coming to terms with the reality of their son’s illness and his father, Lawrence, begins a transition of his own – a conversion to Judaism.
Red Herring captures the absurdity of the things we do to find solace in times of inexplicable tragedy and in this personal and touching documentary, Vincent walks the line between humour and grief and the relationships that keep us going through the dark stages of life.

Cert: 12A

Evenings:  £9/£10 (Premium seats)
Morning and matinees:  £8/£9 (Premium seats)
Concessions and members discounts apply

Show Times:
Sunday 19 May at 6:30pm
Thursday 23 May at 1pm


Sunday 19 May 2024


Malvern Theatres


Malvern Theatres

WR14 3HB

01684 892277

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