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Stimprovisation by Aby Watson

Stimming is the repetitive movements, behaviours, and/or vocalisations we do to self-soothe, regulate, or stimulate to bring oneself into balance. We all stim, but for neurodivergent people who process the senses differently, stimming is particularly important for wellbeing. In this playful and fun workshop, choreographer Aby Watson will introduce her practice of stimming improvisation, or stimprovisation. We will play with movement, objects and sound in rhythm and repetition, directed by what feels good across the senses. This workshop offers a practical introduction to stimprovising – you do not need performance experience to join us, only a willingness to play and explore!

Tickets £7 / Free to carers


* We recommend you come in comfortable clothing that you can move in

Refreshments available from Garden Cafe

Tuesday 7 November 2023


Malvern Cube



Malvern Cube

WR14 2YF

01684 575363

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