The Crossroads (Home Ed Event – performance & workshop) (FEAST)

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Once upon a crossroads a mysterious tree stands, and a traveller is lost. Where have they come from? Which way to go? What exactly are they running from? This tree seems friendly enough, maybe they can stay here… forever? Kronos the Wizard needs your help to face their biggest fears and finish their story. Aid Kronos with their decision making, taking an active role in the shape of things to come. Jump up and become part of the action yourself!

Using masks, puppets and ridiculous physicality Adam will guide you on a magical and very silly quest to finish Kronos’ story. No one knows how it will all go but it’s sure to be a lot of fun getting there.

This performance and clay workshop are especially for home-educated children

Tickets £7

Refreshments available from Garden Cafe

Thursday 9 November 2023


Malvern Cube



Malvern Cube

WR14 2YF

01684 575363

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