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The Regal School of Arts presents ‘When in Rome’

Students from the Regal School of Creative Arts will perform the comic play written by Pete Thorogood.

According to ancient legend, Rome was founded by two brothers; Romulus and Remus who had been reared by a she-wolf.

Yeah, right; actually, we know different. Oh yes, Rome was founded by two brothers alright, but they were a couple of ordinary blokes with an ordinary mum. Troubles arose when ‘The People’ needed to choose just one of them to be Supreme Ruler: would it be the one who promised a good basic income, democracy and peace? Or would it be the one who promised them gold and non-stop parties? Or would it just be someone who could keep the streets clean and rid them of the thousands of hamsters who were running riot?

Sunday 26 November 2023


Regal Tenbury Wells



Regal Tenbury Wells

49 Teme Street, Tenbury Wells WR15 8AE

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