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Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Malvern Group present:

One of our members, Richard Newton, will share some of his excellent photos taken in June this year when a group of friends, most of them members of the Wildlife Trust visited Ailsa Craig (off the west coast of Scotland) and Rathlin Island (off the north coast of Northern Ireland).  The flora and fauna were spectacular.

I hope you will want to join us as we tour these two rarely visited islands.

As for previous meetings, we are going to limit the audience to 60 so that we can space out the chairs rather more than we had done in the past.

It would help our volunteers who are serving the refreshments if people brought their own cup, but it is not compulsory!

We ask that everyone planning to attend has taken every precaution prior to the evening in order to ensure, as far as possible, the safety of the speaker and all members of the audience. 

Please ring Margaret on 01684 565079 or email on m.vernon613@btinternet.com to reserve a place, otherwise entry will be on a first come, first served basis on the evening until we reach our maximum number.

The Lyttelton Well Rooms, Church Street.

Thursday 2 December


The Lyttelton Well



The Lyttelton Well

6 Church Street


WR14 2AY

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