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Move and be Moved (FEAST)

Holy Trinity Church Hall 1 North Malvern Road, Malvern

Move and be Moved Leila Huwiler is a movement artist, practitioner and founder of NATURALDYNAMICS. A guided journey through body and space, exploring time, weight, gravity and flow, celebrating the…


Sons and Mums (Dance) (FEAST)

Malvern Cube WR14 2YF

Everybody Dance invites you to the opening night of Feast Festival Music, dance and neurodiversity Autistic and proud A collaboration between four men and four mothers. It’s complicated: it’s not…

Stimprovisation (FEAST)

Malvern Cube WR14 2YF

Stimprovisation by Aby Watson Stimming is the repetitive movements, behaviours, and/or vocalisations we do to self-soothe, regulate, or stimulate to bring oneself into balance. We all stim, but for neurodivergent…


Nay, Remember Me! : Malvern Shakespeare Folio 400 Festival

Coach House Theatre WR14 3HA

Malvern Theatre Players Presents NAY, REMEMBER ME! A comedy-drama by Amelia Marriette Nominated for the Best Regional Production Award for Best Drama. A true story of the making of the first…


Mother (FEAST)

OCC 4 Church Street, Malvern, United Kingdom

Harriet Dyer is an award-winning comedian, writer and mental health advocate. 'Mothers' is a story about mothers and levels of mother-ness that exist in the wild. Supported by Lindsey Santoro…


Tree Rings – Strange Futures (FEAST)

Malvern Cube WR14 2YF

Trees hold stories, in more ways than one. They hold memories and myths. The rings within a tree’s trunk are also story archives of changes and events in our environment.…


Listen and See Events: Malvern Shakespeare Folio 400 Festival

Coach House Theatre WR14 3HA

Illustrated talks by Amelia Marriette, Playwright & Shakespeare Lecturer Shakespeare and the Authorship Controversy Thursday 9 November at 3pm Do you really know who wrote the plays? After the talk,…


We Were Promised Honey! (FEAST)

Malvern Cube WR14 2YF

A hopeful and hopeless prophecy for earth and humankind. A story of the future, of what is going to happen in the decades, centuries and millennia to come. An unmissable,…


Inspiring Place, Inspiring Words

Great Malvern Priory WR14 2AY

A creative writing day led by Crave Arts This one day workshop (10am-4pm) with Crave Arts Co-Director Steve Wilson, and critically acclaimed poet Sarah Leavesly. During the workshop you will…