31 FREE Ideas For Keeping The Kids Entertained In The Great Outdoors

Family Fun

Flying a kite

We all know how hard it can be to keep the kids entertained for six weeks over the summer holidays and it can end up costing a fortune. Reduce the cost of the summer holidays by getting the kids outdoors and closer to nature across The Malverns. There’s lots of fun to be had exploring the countryside and we’ve come up with a few suggestions.

  1. Play hide and seek
  2. Pick blackberries
  3. Pick crab apples
  4. “Spot” birds
  5. Paddle in a stream
  6. Camp out
  7. Climb a hill
  8. Fish in a stream
  9. Listen for owls
  10. Look at the stars
  11. Splash in puddles
  12. Look for butterflies/birds
  13. Dig in mud
  14. Make a kite
  15. Collect stones
  16. Make a kite
  17. Listen to bird song
  18. Identify flowers
  19. Bark rubbings
  20. Build a den 
  21. Play tug of war
  22. Pack a picnic
  23. Play i-spy
  24. Look for different shapes in the clouds
  25. Look for four leaf clovers
  26. Play at a playground in a local park
  27. Look for different shapes of leaves/flowers
  28. Play with friends
  29. Take photos
  30. Make up a song and a dance
  31. Geocaching

There’s also a few outdoor activities which you can participate in at a small cost allowing you to have hours of fun at your own leisure by purchasing just a few bits of equipment.  If budgets are tight, check out the charity shops as many have second-hand tennis rackets, footballs, games and much more!

  1. Football
  2. Rounders
  3. Cricket
  4. Fly a kite
  5. Fishing
  6. Toss a frisbee
  7. Play catch