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One of mine and my owners’ favourite walk on the Malvern Hills is Herefordshire Beacon. It’s also known as British Camp because it was the location  

When we came back down we didn’t go straight to the car but crossed the road and visited Sally’s Place, a little kiosk on the corner of the road. They sell food, hot and cold drinks, ice-creams and homemade cakes.

My owners were astonished by the number and variety of ice-creams and sorbets and they spent ages choosing what they wanted. Thankfully they let me have a taste too and I was also given a doggy biscuit by the lovely staff and had a refreshing drink of water. What a lovely end to a fantastic walk!

The Malvern Hills Hotel is also across the road from the carpark. They allow me inside if I’m not too wet or dirty in the hotel bar area and provide drinks, snacks, sandwiches and meals for humans. In the winter, we have sometimes ended up in The Malvern Hills Hotel after our walk because my owners feel it is too cold to sit outside. I don’t find this as interesting because I don’t get any treats but it is a rather enjoyable experience for the nose as all the plates of food go past.  






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