Spooky Spiders at The ‘Pepperpot’ Heritage Centre

Family Fun | Halloween

Upton Spiders

Grab your witches’ hats and broomsticks, dust off your skeleton outfits, dress in your best Halloween outfits and head to Upton Tourist Information and Heritage Centre this Halloween weekend.

Halloween has descended on the ‘Pepperpot’ in Upton and the place is full of cobwebs and spooky spiders…but how many can you find?  Big ones, medium ones, small ones – the Tourist Information Office Staff particularly need your help in finding the naughty medium spiders who like to hide so they can be rounded back up before the end of Halloween.  Can you help to find 20 of the medium ones? 

Each person who comes to the TIC dressed in Halloween outfits or helps to find the 20 naughty medium sized spiders has the chance to win a prize from the lucky dip trick or treat bowl.

Spooky Spiders at the Pepperpot is running on Friday 28 October & Saturday 29 October 10am-1pm-1:30pm-5pm and Monday 31 October from 10am – 1pm & 1:30pm-4pm.