Suki’s Curries and Spices: An Indian Girl’s Culinary Journey From Delhi to Malvern

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Suki Pantal

Born in India and raised in Delhi, Suki comes from the land of colour, heat, noise and diversity. She came to live here in Malvern, Worcestershire when she was 36 years old. Growing up in multicultural India meant exposure to an enormous variety of cuisines. Delhi is a wonderous melting pot of different Indian ethnicities, combining the streets of the capital with roadside eateries, plush restaurants, eclectic cafes and more. Her army upbringing coupled with a childhood spent in different areas across the country only increased her appetite for local cuisines. Travel within a multifaceted country with hill stations and coastal regions meant a great variety in food. Moreover, her north-Indian Punjabi family in Delhi treated food as a celebration even if there was no occasion. So, as Suki says, “I ate, I cooked and ate some more.”

Suki remembers: “When I came to the UK in 2014, I brought that love of Indian food in all its multilayers, here. I cooked family recipes, regional favourites and loved creating those nostalgic aromas in my kitchen. Dinner parties for friends in Malvern always seems to bring cheer.”

It was only during the first lockdown in March 2020 that Suki started putting her recipes on social media. It was a time in many peoples lives when they needed positive affirmations and nothing does that like food. So, Suki’s Curries and Spices was born. She began to run virtual demonstrations, cook-alongs and, following the success of these events, the next step was to write a cookbook.

At the end of last year, Suki was chosen as one of 18 participants to take part in The Great Cookbook Challenge with Jamie Oliver for Channel 4 which aired on 31 January 2022. Suki pitched her cookbook idea to the judges, and the publisher Michael Joseph from Penguin, in the episode on 7 February with her favourite dish – butter chicken. Suki reflects that “the dish was highly appreciated and although I didn’t make it to another round in the contest, I am highly encouraged to write my cookbook and importantly they loved my food! I am presently pouring my love for authentic Indian food into my Indian cookbook. I hope to publish it this year. What is the best part of launching Suki’s Curries and Spices? To always feel that I am an intrinsic part of my cuisine and my culture, no matter where I live globally.”

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