Malvern Festival of Ideas 2024

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Conversation. Discussion. Education.

A return of the annual Festival of Ideas in it’s 11th year.

A themed weekend of talks: this year’s theme is TELLING TALES.

The power of storytelling lies not only in the narratives themselves but also in the ideas they convey. Stories have the remarkable ability to introduce, explore, and propagate ideas in a compelling and impactful way. They can communicate complex concepts, moral dilemmas, and philosophical insights with depth and nuance.

By weaving ideas into narratives, storytellers can challenge existing beliefs, inspire new perspectives, and spark transformative change. Stories provide a fertile ground for exploring thought-provoking themes, tackling societal issues, and examining the human condition. They ignite our curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and invite us to reflect on our own beliefs and values. Through the interplay of ideas and storytelling, we are presented with an opportunity to engage with and shape the world around us, as ideas take root and grow within the fertile soil of the human imagination.

Many of the talks will be given by internationally renowned speakers.

There will be number of events taking place over the weekend from the evening of Friday 1 March to Sunday 3 March.

You are able to book tickets for the whole weekend, Saturday day ticket or Sunday day ticket or just purchase tickets for individual events. Book tickets online.

The events take place at Malvern St James Girls School, Avenue Road and at Malvern Cube.

Please see the website for more information: Malvern Festival of Ideas

1 March – 3 March 2024