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Visitor Economy Action Plan 2016 – 2020

This action plan is for all tourism related businesses and organisations across Malvern Hills District. Its aim is to increase visitor spending and support the local retention of this income within the visitor economy, to benefit local employment, businesses and communities. It builds on the previous three year plan and supports the district’s Economic Development Strategy.


  • To build stronger partnerships to effectively promote, manage and invest in tourism with businesses, supporting organisations, other sectors and across the district.
  • Raise the market profile of the Malverns with better targeted, focused and packaged information and promotion, using digital technologies wherever possible.
  • To enhance the tourism product and visitor experiences in the Malverns – including quality food and drink, accommodation, attractions, events and activities, better access to and understanding of the culture, heritage and landscape of the district and attractive and welcoming environments in the three main towns which are key visitor destinations.
  • To support successful businesses across the visitor economy which deliver quality service, including improving the skills and training of those working and volunteering in the visitor economy.

Visit England and AA Quality Schemes

If you are a new tourism business or one that is not yet accredited under the schemes listed above, there is support available in the form of a grant.

Malvern Hills District Council can provide a 50% grant to businesses who wish to join either of the national schemes listed above, on the understanding that they agree to stay accredited for a minimum of two years.

The grant is paid on proof of accreditation. Download the grant application form. Fill in and return with copies of your accreditation invoice and grading confirmation letter, you will then be reimbursed up to 50% of your grading fee and joining fee up to a total maximum of £500.

Small Business Grant

MHDC are offering small business grants of up to £500 to new businesses in the district. Contact Joel Keller for more information 01684 862486.

Tourism Business Visits

If as a tourism business you have any issues that you would like to discuss, or if you would like a visit to talk about accreditation, please contact Victoria Carman, Tel: 01684 862483.

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