Malvern Hills Walkers Holding Hands Copyright Jan Sedlacek


Exciting plans in the pipeline for Tenbury Museum

Tenbury Museum on the move to the old fire station

Following a number of years considering the future for Tenbury Museum plans are beginning to develop for an exciting future in a new town centre location. The Tenbury Museum and History Group Trustees have been in…

‘Glamping’ Holidays

Up Sticks Glamping 1

‘Glamping’ is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the novelty of camping but with the home comforts that you are used to when on holiday. Across The Malverns…

Walks To Tickle The Taste Buds

Walking through a vineyard

Who doesn’t like food? It’s the pleasure palate of life! Our area boasts a fine array of tempting, locally-produced edibles to tickle the most discerning of taste buds, and combining…

Stroll Into Summer On A Summer Walk


Sunshine makes us happy and not just psychologically. Natural light triggers changes in the brain, to make us feel more cheerful, and promotes the body’s production of vitamin D –…

Walks With A View … Or Two

British Camp (Herefordshire Beacon)

You can’t beat a natural panorama to revive body and soul, and The Malverns are blessed with a plethora of richly diverse, far-reaching ‘take your breath away’ views. Of course,…

On The Scent of A Good Dog Walk

Dog Walks Around The Malverns

Dogs need to walk and not just for exercise. A proper walk fulfils your dog’s natural, primal instinct to step out in search of food, whilst enjoying mental stimulation, social skills practice…