The 10 Steps To Our Perfect Romantic Getaway

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Cottage in the Wood
  1. Arrive at the hotel, throw down your bags and enjoy a glass of Champagne in the bar
    Drive or get a taxi to the hotel from Great Malvern Train Station, passing the romantic gas lamps along the winding country roads, taking in the views of the surrounding Malvern countryside then let’s head straight to the bar for a glass of Champagne: cheers to us!
  1. Get acquainted with a luxurious bedroom
    With a tipple in hand let’s head to explore our space to soak up the dramatic views and enjoy deep, peaceful sleep: our luxurious room, unlocking the door to our romantic getaway.
  1. Relax into a beautifully warm roll top bubble bath
    Bubbles with bubbles, what could be better? Let’s soak away the strains of life and take the chill of February with a deliciously warm bath, while sipping our Champagne because, why not?
  1. Listen to our favourite music
    We can go ol’school and put on a record from the selection in our ‘Best’ room or Bluetooth our playlist so we can sway to our favourite music whilst we decide what to wear. We’ll get ready for dinner and stroll to the restaurant and bar..
  1. Indulge in a romantic cocktail in the bar before dinner
    Before a delicious 5 course tasting menu, we’ll head to the bar and enjoy a romantic cocktail. With low lighting and furniture that you simply sink into, that’s how we’ll start our evening.
  2. Enjoy a delicious 5 course tasting menu crafted by head chef Rob Mason
    Head Chef Rob Mason and his team have crafted the most beautiful 5 course tasting menu this. From snacks to petit fours, every course is tantalising for the taste-buds and cleverly crafted to include some of our favourite aphrodisiacs!
  3. Round off the celebrations with a nightcap in the bar, or take our celebrations back to the room and drift into a deep sleep
    Not ready for the night to end? We’ll head back to the bar to enjoy a nightcap whilst taking in the twinkly lights from outside. Or, we can take the celebrations back to the room. Or if the weather looks good, head out on a romantic night-time walk arm-in-arm to see the stars.
  1. Wake up to the morning sunrise
    With the sun rising outside our window, we can awake after a great night’s sleep and watch the day begin with a cup of warm coffee before heading to the waterfall shower.
  1. Enjoy a delicious and leisurely breakfast
    Together we will enjoy the Winter sun and the view through the floor to ceiling glass windows, with plentiful coffee and fresh orange juice. A delicious breakfast of all our favourite things is being prepared, ready for us to tuck into.
  1. Let’s take a romantic stroll on the Malvern Hills
    Almost time to head back to reality, but before we go there is time to take a romantic stroll on the Malvern Hills. Being an area of outstanding natural beauty, it’s the most dreamy way to end our ultimate romantic getaway… or maybe should book another night…

Valentines at The Cottage in the Wood Malvern

Love is in the air, which means that Valentines is just around the corner.

Make 2022 your most special Valentines Day yet with a dream romantic getaway to The Cottage in the Wood Malvern, or treat your favourite girls to a special day out to celebrate the magic of Galentines.

After all, nothing says I love you like quality time together.

Romantic Five Course Tasting Menu

Head Chef Rob Mason has crafted a special 5 course tasting menu for this Valentines, designed to be enjoyed together with the perfect wine. We’ll help you choose the perfect pairing for your tastes and the courses, so you can sit back and enjoy the view.

Join us on Saturday 12 February or Monday 14 February 2022 for your Valentines celebration.

£65 per person.

The Ultimate Romantic Getaway

What could be more romantic than escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life and heading to the Malvern Hills to celebrate Valentines in 2022? Check in to your luxury and individually designed bedroom, enjoy a relaxing rolltop bath or perhaps a walk in the hills before getting ready for the most delicious 5 course tasting menu. Wake the following morning in the most romantic surroundings and enjoy breakfast together overlooking the Severn Valley and the Cotswolds.

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