Top 10 Things To Do And See In Malvern!

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Malvern Theatres and Priory Park

1. Independent Shopping

Malvern’s town centres (at Great Malvern, Barnards Green and Malvern Link) are second to none with their selection of independent shops and retailers. The range of produce from florists to jewellers to curios and arts and crafts, you won’t find anywhere else; exploring Malvern’s incredible shopping scene will never be boring.

In addition to the many farmers’ markets held throughout the year, whatever your desired treasure you’ll find it here. From the Great Malvern Farmers’ Market, the Vintage and Retro fair, artisan Arts Market, and many more. There’s something for everyone!

Find out where to shop here.

2. Morgan Experience Centre at the Morgan Motor Factory

Morgan Motors has been a Malvern institution for over 100 years. Founded in 1910 by Henry Morgan, they are still producing excellence in automotive engineering today, all by hand. Unlike most factory tours, there is no glass between you and the production line- each tour guides you through every workshop. From the first splinter of ash, to the latest modern technology, fully experience what goes into each Morgan vehicle. The NEW Experience Centre includes a Museum, Showroom and Shop.

Find out more on their website.

3. Malvern Splash

Malvern Splash has been a staple of the community for decades. The leisure pool has a beach area, a wave machine and flume slides alongside a 25m lane pool. The fitness suite allows members access to workout on their own or with one of the trained fitness motivators. There are also group exercise programmes available and fun swim sessions as well as swimming lessons.

The leisure centre has recently undergone a substantial renovation, the biggest since it opened in 1989 as a part of a local scheme to encourage health and fitness.

4. Malvern Theatres

Malvern Theatres has been a beacon of culture since 1885, and still to this day provides exceptional performances and screenings. From its origins with the greats such as Sir George Bernard Shaw and Edward Elgar, even today the classics and most star-studded shows make a stop here after the West End. Combined with a modern cinema with all the latest releases, Malvern Theatres stands out in the county for being one of the finest establishments of the arts.

5. Green Spaces

Malvern is well known and well loved for our green spaces. The natural habitats, varieties of wildlife and ancient trees are everywhere you look.

The Malvern Hills are formed from some of the oldest rocks in England and Wales. These majestic peaks have overlooked the surrounding areas for thousands and thousands of years, attracting visitors from pre-historic times all the way up to today. The urge to conquer the top of the twenty-two hills is a compelling one, there’s no wonder why we have been awarded the title ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.’

Priory Park, next to the historic Malvern Theatres, was originally the grounds of Priory Mansion in 1877 and much of the park’s layout is the same. This includes many of the trees in the park, which date back to the Victorian era. You will find a beautiful band stand also from the Victorian era, and the park is host to many live music events, outdoor cinema and festivals throughout the year.

Victoria Park can be found in Malvern Link. It features tennis courts, two football pitches and a child’s play area, with the Mlavern Rugby Club nearby.

Rose Bank Gardens may be on the smaller side but I doubt there are many parks with views as outstanding. Overlooking the town and surrounding areas for many miles, this park sits at the base of the hills. It is also home to Walenty Patel’s Diamond Jubilee sculpture of Two Buzzards and several Victorian gas lamps.

In the forecourt of Malvern Library, you will find a gorgeous and well kempt garden featuring a war memorial by Captain Richard Reginald Goulden. The shrubs and fragrant lavender and abuzz with bumblebees and benches are available to take a moment’s rest. The memorial is a stunning rendition of the ‘spirit of youth’ and is dedicated to the sacrifices and hardwork the community dedicated to the war effort.

Picton Gardens is a family run garden with 1.5 acres of beautiful flowers and shrubbery. You will find over 400 different species of flora and fauna but their crown jewel is the Plant Heritage National Collection of Michaelmas daisies.

6. Tour The Wells, Springs and Spouts

Natural springs have always been copious in Malvern, the fissures in the rock filtering the water until it is completely pure. In the Victorian era, the water was used as a medical treatment for both internal and external ailments. Even up until recently, the Queen drank bottled Malvern water! There are many beautiful and ornate wells around Malvern, and on May Bank Holiday weekend they are decorated for our Well Dressing Festival. We can only recommend drinking the water from the Malvihna Fountain on Belle vue Island in Great Malvern as it is regularly approved for drinking water quality. Locals do drink from other Malvern water sources, but they’re tummies will be of a stronger disposition. Wells worth the visit due to their location includes Malvhina Fountain, St. Ann’s Well and Holy Well. Visit during the Malvern Well Dressing and Water Festival in May and you’ll see up to 60 wells, springs and spouts dressed by the local community in the annual theme.

Find out more on the Malvern Spa Association here.

7. Gas Lamps

The traditional gas lamp is an iconic emblem of Malvern; and we are home to 80 of them. It is these that partially inspired C.S. Lewis’ vision of Narnia.. It’s not just whimsical charm that these lamps display, they are a testament to the town’s adaption to ever-evolving development.

8. Places of Worship

Malvern is home to many beautiful and historic churches. From local parishes to the ornate Great Malvern Priory, these places of worship are welcome to all and well worth a visit. During the Heritage Open Days this September, many of these churches such as Little Malvern Priory and St Matthias will extend their opening hours and guides will be on hand to answer any questions on the history of these buildings.

9. Great Malvern Train Station

Great Malvern railway station opened in 1860 and very little has been done to affect the elegance and style of the architecture designed by Edmund Wallace Elmslie. Cast-iron girders support a canopy intertwined with carvings of flowers amidst the traditional French-Gothic brickwork. Stepping onto the platform really feels like stepping back in time- you won’t want to miss this. From Great Malvern station you can take the Route To The Hills Walking Trail (Highly Commended in the 2019 Heritage Awards) through Great Malvern up to the Malvern Hills.

10. Dining Out

There is a varied selection of places to eat and drink in the town of Malvern, whether you want something on-the-go, or prefer to take your time dining out on an la carte menu. New for 2021, includes The Water Cure Cocktail Bar, Bar Limon Tapas Restaurant, Coco’s Caribbean and Faun kitchen. Many places serve locally sourced produce for an authentic ‘foodie’ experience.

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